Launch of Sentenial’s New e-Mandate Solution

The new version of Sentenial’s e-Mandates solution – Origix e-Mandates V1.6 is now in production.

Click here for the Debtor Experience of eMandates 1.6 – eMandates that are quick, easy & clean.

Version 1.6 brings major improvements to the e-Mandate signing experience, specifically for mobile devices such as Smartphone and Tablet.

Sentenial’s e-Mandate offers merchants the benefit of an electronic mandate that requires less  clicks and screens to complete. That means more D.D. sign-ups and faster online order completion.

Features of v1.6 include :

  • Minimum and Extended Data Collection Configuration – allowing merchants to control how much data debtors provide and yet remain perfectly SEPA compliant.
  • Responsive User Interface – adapted for mobile devices.
  • Screen Area Scrolling – working ergonomically on all platforms.
  • Labels float in-field – further aiding fast debtor completion.
  • Contextual Error Text – quickly helping debtor to remedy errors.
  • Merchant Branding Area – re-assuring debtor of merchant relevance.
  • Main European Language Support – Spanish, French, German, Dutch in addition to English.


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