Designed for utility firms with industry-leading Direct Debit technology

Nuapay is a leading payment platform that offers utility companies a simple and efficient way to collect Direct Debits from their customers.

Direct Debit collection made easy

Multi-channel sign-up: Support customers no matter whether they sign up online, in-store, over the phone or by post. 

Seamless payments: Biometric-enabled recurring payments with immediate settlement of customers’ first payment. 

An end-to-end solution: Everything required for running a direct debit service – from signing up customers through to managing the money received – all fully integrated and available in one place.  

Real-time payment notifications: Customers can manage all payments quickly ‘to set and forget them’, with APIs and Webhooks from us, back into your platform. 

A simple integration: Works well with existing gateway and technology solutions.

Nuapay’s newest Direct Debit payment option: Authenticated Mandates

Authenticated Mandates uses Open Banking technology to verify customers and/or take the initial payment for a subscription while signing up your customer for a recurring Direct Debit without needing any manual data entry. Payment initiation occurs in the trusted environment of your customer’s banking app so there is also no need for card payment gateways for that initial payment, reducing your costs and integration effort.

Authenticated Mandates Benefits: 

  • A hassle-free experience: A fast, frictionless and error-proof sign-up process for customers. 
  •  Less cart abandonment: Cut churn with improved customer experience and faster checkout. 
  •  Strong authentication: Verify who your customers are and eliminate fraud risk 
  • Increase conversions: Increase in Direct Debit payment acceptance by 18%*  

Nuapay offers several advantages for utilities companies, including:

Reduced costs

Nuapay’s Direct Debit solution is typically 30-40% less expensive than card processing methods.

Strong authentication

Nuapay’s Direct Debit integration is seamless and secure, which can lead to higher conversion rates for utilities companies.

Improved customer satisfaction:

Nuapay’s Direct Debit solution offers customers a smoother customer journey. Making it easy for customers to sign up and pay their bills on time.

Reduced churn

Nuapay’s Direct Debit solution can help utilities companies to reduce churn by increasing successful payments by 18%.

If you are a utilities company that is looking to reduce costs, increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce churn, then Nuapay is the Direct Debit payment platform for you.