Financial Services

Pioneering Fintech Excellence: Nuapay's 20-Year Journey

For over two decades, Nuapay has been a trusted partner to financial service providers of all sizes, helping them to deliver innovative white-labelled payment solutions to their customers. With a deep understanding of the regulations, challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry, Nuapay is uniquely positioned to help its partners succeed.

Upgrade to bank-grade technology

Make use of a wide range of payment solutions, including instant bank payments, direct debits, authenticated mandates, credit transfers, and embedded accounts. Let Nuapay do the heavy lifting and free up your product teams to focus on scaling your core offerings. 

Fin-tech for financial services partners

Our platform can be easily white-labelled without reference to “Nuapay” the technology sits in the background as a technical service provider. We provide a portal which can be branded with the logo of your bank, credit union or FS company for a familiar and seamless user experience for your customers.

Financial services institutions make use of a wide range of payment solutions, including Instant Bank Payments, Direct Debits, Authenticated Mandates, and Credit Transfers. Nuapay’s solutions are designed to be easy to use and integrate but are also compliant with strict Financial Services standards. Nuapay is proudly accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 security standards. Nuapay is regularly audited by a leading independent accredited ISO certification body. Additionally, SEPA Payments messages are based on the ISO 20022 Universal Financial Industry (UNIFI) message standards. 

Nuapay’s technology is not only regularly tested but also approved by the world’s most respected banks and companies during audits. You can be confident that our technology is held to the highest industry standards.

How it works

1 Your business integrates
to Nuapay’s platform for your account-to-account requirements.
2 Your bank integrates
with our intelligent APIs and embeds our valuable functionality into your branded user interface and systems.
3 Sales and go-to-market support
are provided directly by Nuapay to enable the signing of new merchants or clients.
4 Nuapay provides
industry-leading technical support to you and your teams.

Financial Services Companies that Partner with Nuapay

Nuapay is a payment platform that has partnered with a wide range of financial services companies, including wealth management firms, banks, and fintechs.  

Wealth management firms: Nuapay’s solutions can help wealth management firms to streamline payment processes and offer clients a more convenient and flexible way to pay. For example, Nuapay’s instant bank payments solution allows clients to deposit funds and pay outs are used to allow withdrawals from their accounts quickly and easily. 

Banks: Nuapay can help banks reduce their technology costs and improve customer satisfaction by offering them various innovative payment solutions.  

Fintechs: Nuapay can help fintechs to develop and launch new payment products and services quickly and easily, with the option to white label them. For example, Nuapay’s embedded accounts solution allows fintechs to offer their customers their own payment accounts, which can be used to make and receive payments, or store funds.

Used by forward-thinking businesses who trust us

Benefits of Nuapay’s bank-grade technology:

API First

End-to-end support during set-up and beyond

Simple Integration Process

One platform for all your payments

Digital transformation for financial services

Upgrade legacy technology to stay as nimble a neobank