Bulk bank transfers

Perfect payouts

Nuapay offers businesses a fast and easy way to make any type of payout or refund, efficiently sending payments to a customer’s bank account in seconds. You can also send bulk business payments in one go via real-time credit transfers.

Benefits of payouts perfected

Tokenised payer ID

  • Refund using initial transaction ID
  • Payer’s account number and name tokenised within ID
  • Name check possible, if required, to support KYC/other ID checks
  • No need to hold account details on your platform

Merchant risk controls

  • Limit to partial/full refund only
  • Limit refund to % of initial transaction
  • Limit refund to merchant floor limit specified in £/€

Flexible payments

  • Partial payout
  • Full payout
  • Full and Winnings

Which industries are payouts perfect for?

Payout use cases

Insurance firms benefit from realtime payouts

Nuapay offers insurers a fast and easy pay-out solution, which enables you to efficiently send pay-outs to a customer’s bank account in seconds. For customers that are making a claim and in need of cash to manage an unfortunate event, this gives you the opportunity to delight them.

To reduce the risk to you, funds can be disbursed straight back to the customer’s original payment account, ensuring that the payments are sent securely, and reducing the risks to you from fraud and other risky claims.

Instant payouts for the gaming industry

Nuapay offers gaming operators a fast and easy way to make payouts, efficiently sending winnings back to a customer’s bank account in seconds. This gives your business a competitive advantage and is very attractive to acquire a VIP or new player.

No need to burden your customer by requesting their bank details, as Payouts can be automated; ensuring payments are sent securely back to the original deposit account, reducing compliance risks and reducing risk of fraud and other financial crime.

Instant refunds for retail

Nuapay offers a faster way for customers to receive refund payments compared to card transactions-no more waiting for pending payments to settle.

Find out how your business can benefit from instant payouts, contact us today.