How to convince your customers to use Direct Debits payments

Collecting payments using direct debits is by far the most efficient way for business to ensure payment is made by their customers. Direct debit payments are much more secure, quicker and also an easier way to collect payment and so are the preferred method of payment for most businesses.

So we know the benefits to businesses of direct debit payments but how do you convince your customers to pay via this method?

One of the most common ways businesses persuade their customers to pay suing this preferred method is to offer incentives. You can offer a reduced charge for your services or products to clients who choose to pay using direct debit. Everyone is out to save money in today’s economic climate so this is likely to be a very popular move for your customers.

Paying by direct debit is also beneficial for your customers as they are protected by guarantees, can spread large payments over a period of time and it also gives them the flexibility of paying off larger chunks when they can afford it. If your customer is sitting on the fence about whether or not to use direct debit as their method of payments then an explanation of these benefits should be enough to tilt the balance in your favour.

If your customer is still not decided on paying by direct debit then you can offer extra incentives such as the first month free or reward cards or points for direct debit payees. The more customers you can convince to pay by direct debit then the better it is for your business.

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