Nuapay is here for the “unserved”

It is largely accepted in the world of business, that direct debit payments are the most efficient way of ensuring collection of payments from repeat clients and customers. However, there are some businesses in Ireland and even in the UK whose payment institutions won’t accept or allow them to set up direct debit payments.We refer to these companies as the “unserved”.

Nuapay is a fantastic option available to these “unserved” businesses, as Nuapay will facilitate the management and collection of direct debit payments on their behalf.

Nuapay is a revolutionary direct debit collection solution available to big and small businesses via a web based app. Nuapay will take on all the management of direct debits and offer a range of services to help make the process of payment collection easier for businesses.

We understand that, especially in today’s economic climate, businesses may struggle to get past all of the bureaucracy and compliance banks demand from companies and we are here to offer an efficient and simple solution. So, if your business payment institution is not allowing your company the option of collecting payment from clients via direct debit, then Nuapay is your ideal solution.

We understand that for businesses, especially small or recently set up companies, need help to grow and thrive. We want to be able to support companies where we can in a climate where more and more businesses are falling into financial difficulty every day. So to enable all businesses to be competitive and relevant, we offer our payment collection and management services to every business that needs it.

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