Open Banking with Nuapay

Nuapay has implemented a cloud-based service that delivers the benefits of Open Banking based payments and at the same time resolving the short falling exhibited by the base scheme. From a PISP perspective Nuapay is licensed to deliver all Open Banking functionality within the EEA and as a part of this takes responsibility for establishing the routing and procedures required to give the merchant reach-ability to paying banks in this region.

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About Nuapay

Nuapay is a pioneer of Open Banking and is the industry’s leading provider of Account-2-Account payment solutions environment. Building upon the trust, scale, and experience of our parent company Sentenial we– who securely process over €42bn every year as an outsourcing provider to many of the world’s leading Banks – and continually we have worked tirelessly to reinvent what’s possible from a modern banking and payment solution.

Today, we offer partners all around Europe the world a fully comprehensive, integrated payment solution that removes all traditional banking inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, saving you time, money and resources at every turn. This is banking as it should be.

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