SEPA 2.0

Sentenial have created their SEPA 2.0 Accelerator framework to help businesses in the implementation of SEPA. The framework allows companies to dictate pace and sequence in which SEPA 2.0 is implemented in their business according to their own needs and priorities. SEPA enables organisations to streamline and centralise their payment processes and aids efficiency. It allows companies to step away and become independent from in-country banks. Sentenial’s accelerator framework is designed to aid corporate business to implement SEPA at their own pace, in their own way to optimise efficiency.

Sentenial Cloud-based platform will enable a modular and evolutionary implementation of functionalities which include centralised payments and collections and a centralised view on payment processes. The service also offers electronic multi-currency mandates, extended reporting and reconciliation, as well as rationionalisation of bank communication channels and global payment processes. Sentenial offers its customer’s an efficient and reliable platform for the implementation of SEPA and advice and services on how best to integrate it into payment and collection processes.

Brian Hanrahan closed his talk at the Group Treasury Exchange by explaining how Sentenial are constantly striving to offer their customers the latest in payment and collection solutions. Sentenial constantly innovates to offer Simply Better Payments. The launch of Sentenial’s payment solution Nuapay, which is an authorised payment institution regulated by the FCA in London, Sentenial can now offer their clients a full range of payment and collection services.

Sentenial continue to innovate and create new and more efficient payment solutions for companies and their SEPA Accelerator Framework is just the latest way Sentenial are helping businesses integrate SEPA 2.0 to make collecting payments quicker, more cost effective and more efficient process.

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