Wicklow Broadband & DD’s – Climbing Every Mountain !!!

Wicklow Broadband is a broadband provider that offers line-of-sight broadband services to thousands of business and homes on the East coast of Ireland since August 2006.

Husband and wife team Odnyam Debassan and Nikky Thuillier, have built an exceptional broadband service within a unique environment.

Unique because County Wicklow is extremely hilly and Wicklow Broadband used the heights of these Hills to help offer uninterrupted line of sight broadband to their customers.

Wicklow Broadband household and business customers pay for the service via Direct Debit.

Before moving to Nuapay, Odnyam completed her direct debits with a main-street Irish Bank. “Their system required two log-ins to load the direct debit file. Resulting in needless complexity with perhaps hours before either step successfully completed,” detailed Odnyam.

“The real cost on this complexity was that I couldn’t delegate the admin of operating direct debits”.

Wicklow Broadband moved their Direct Debit operations to Nuapay mid 2015. “Beyond the cost advantage of Nuapay, I instantly appreciated the simplicity of the system.” Said Odnyam.

“It saves us hours of admin per month. However a surprising impact of the simplicity, is our ability to train staff quickly on the admin. That means myself and Nicky can concentrate on other parts of the business” added the managing director.

“We are always interested in fresh technologies and have recently taken on Nuapay’s eMandate product, which we believe will make the admin of signing up a new business customer much simpler and faster”.

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